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CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)


The CompTIA Network + course provides students core knowledge required in the design, configuration and troubleshooting of networks. This course provides both network theory and important troubleshooting skills used in modern networks, and reflects the new CompTIA N+ objectives introduced in 2009.
There are no prerequisites for this course, although CompTIA A+ level knowledge is helpful.
    CompTIA Network+ 2009
This course covers the following:
Network Technologies
Network Media and Topologies
Network Devices
Network Management
Network Tools
Network Security
Network Best Practices
CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)
Module 1 - Networking Terminology and Models
Lesson One: Introduction to Networking
Lesson Two: Network Topologies and Terminology
Lesson Three: The Open Systems Interconnect Model
Lesson Four: Network Management Metrics
Module 2 - Network Cabling
Lesson One: Network Communication
Lesson Two: Cables
Lesson Three: Wiring Distribution
Lesson Four: Cable Tools
Module 3 - Ethernet
Lesson One: Properties of Ethernet Connections
Lesson Two: Devices Used to Interconnect Ethernet Components
Lesson Three: Features of an Ethernet Switch
Lesson Four: Troubleshooting Ethernet Networks
Module 4 - The TCP/IP Stack
Lesson One: The Layers of the TCP/IP Stack
Lesson Two: The Application Layer Examined
Lesson Three: The Transport Layer Examined
Lesson Four: The Internet Layer Examined
Lesson Five: Name Resolution in the TCP/IP Stack
Module 5 - IP Addressing and Subnetting
Lesson One: Classful IP Addressing and the Subnet Mask
Lesson Two: Subnetting and Classless IP Networking
Lesson Three: IP Address Management
Lesson Four: IP Communication Operation
Lesson Five: Troubleshooting IP Addressing with Binary
Lesson Six: Troubleshooting Common IP Addressing Issues
Module 6 - IP Routing and Services
Lesson One: IP Routing
Lesson Two: Troubleshooting IP Routing
Lesson Three: Router Services
Lesson Four: Introduction to IPv6
Lesson Five: VoIP and Quality of Service
Module 7 - Wide Area Networks
Lesson One: Properties of WAN Connections
Lesson Two: Types of WAN Connections
Module 8 - Wireless LAN Technologies
Lesson One: WLAN Fundamentals
Lesson Two: Deploying WLANs
Lesson Three: WLAN Security
Module 9 - Network Security Concepts, Technology and Practices
Lesson One: Security Services
Lesson Two: Security Threats and Attacks
Lesson Three: Virtual Private Network Protocols
Lesson Four: Network Security Devices and Tools
Lesson Five: Network Security Practices
Module 10 - Network Monitoring, Management and Regulations
Lesson One: Network Monitoring
Lesson Two: Network Management Protocols
Lesson Three: Network Documentation

Target Audience

This course is appropriate for students pursuing the N+ examination. It also provides the prerequisite knowledge for the Cisco CCNA courses (ICND1 and ICND2). Students considering entry into Cisco certification will have an advantage if they attend this course prior to ICND1. This course also teaches practical skills that would help IT managers, IT help desk staff, and those considering the IT field.

Lesson Objectives

CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)

  • Identify the function and operation of the layers in the OSI model and TCP/IP Stack
  • Identify cables, media and standards used in LAN, WLAN and WAN technologies
  • Describe the features and operation of a switched Ethernet network
  • Successfully implement and troubleshoot IP subnetting
  • Describe the operation of IP routing
  • Identify security services, protocols and threats
  • Describe network monitoring and management practices