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KnowledgeNet's Online Training Style

KnowledgeNet delivers training in a variety of different ways to help fit around your busy schedule. At the core is our instructor-led training. We are committed to the effective transfer of knowledge through leveraging the skills and experience of our experts. This statement is founded on the acceptance of classroom-based training as the “gold standard”. Our online training programs are unparalleled when it comes to delivery, bottom-line savings and scalability in a virtual classroom setting.

KnowledgeNet Expert Live Training

Style 1:  Expert Live

Our unique virtual classroom offering is the first learning experience to successfully match the benefits of instructor-led training with a highly scalable and multimedia-rich delivery. Available via a calendar of scheduled events, Expert Live delivers better retention, reduced time in training, flexible scheduling and decreased training costs. With more than a half-million hours of expert-led virtual classroom instruction provided to tens of thousands of learners, Expert Live has proven that expert-led training over the web can achieve the same level of knowledge transfer as traditional ILT.

Style 2:  Expert Encore

Busy day?  Can’t make a live class?  Don’t worry!  Expert Encore is our “On-Demand” courseware that provides a flexible, yet extremely engaging, learning experience. By offering a studio version with hands-on labs, you’re able to train and learn without the constraints of scheduled events.

Style 3:  Learn Now

A portfolio of thousands of ready-to-use e-Learning courses where you have the opportunity to learn subjects ranging from Information Technology to Professional Skills in the most time efficient manner suitable for each learner. Learn Now offers the ability to “test out” of those areas in the course where mastery is already demonstrated, learning only that which is needed.