Five Tips to Upgrade Your IT Resume

Five Tips to Upgrade Your IT Resume

Without a doubt, IT professionals have a pretty easy time finding employment. The combination of a growing field and an expanding skills gap is providing huge advantages for those with the right certifications and experience.  That said, even the most experienced IT practitioner can be overlooked simply because of a poorly-written IT resume.

Those new to the IT industry have a lot of upgrading to do when creating an IT resume. All the skills and experience developed in school or past employment may no longer be useful to landing a new career in IT. So how can newbies formulate IT resumes that accentuate the little experience they have, while validating skills for an entry-level job?

It’s also important for IT practitioners of all levels and disciplines to continue upgrading their resumes. Technology is constantly evolving and the IT professionals finding the most success are evolving with it. Far too often, experienced practitioners trying to advance a career in technology discover their IT resumes fail to grab the attention from hiring managers. So, what should go into an effective IT resume to help it stand out?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced IT professional or a newbie to the industry; a well-written IT resume is critical to landing a great career. Knowing what to include and how to showcase your skills is key to any great IT resume. Whether you’re trying to advance your current IT career or break into the industry, here’s five tips to upgrade your IT resume.

First Tip: Prioritize Your Content

Hiring managers looking for qualified talent don’t have time to look over everything on your resume. That said, making sure your top skills and accomplishments are noticed is key to getting an interview. If you’re new to the IT industry, your experience on the tech club is probably less relevant than your newly acquired CompTIA A+ certification. Therefore, make sure you list your most valuable skills and accomplishments first when listing your skills and experience.

Experienced IT practitioners need to list their top skills and accomplishments as well. Updated certifications, new skills, and accomplishments must all be positioned to grab the attention of a hiring manager. Often times, concise bullet points highlighting your top skills and accomplishments is the best way to get noticed. This list should be placed near the top of your resume to ensure it gets read.

Second Tip: Proofread, Pruferead, Proofreed

It goes without saying, first impressions are important. When a hiring manager finds a typo on your resume, it speaks volumes about the effort you went through to impress your future employer. While it would easy to assume that this is an issue isolated to newbies, it would also be very untrue. Experienced IT practitioners often overlook the simplest of issues in pursuit of creating an eye-catching resume.

The best solution is to proofread your copy multiple times, then pass it off to a trusted associate. This improves success as a fresh set of eyes will likely catch mistakes you continue to overlook. Proofread your resume and maximize your success.

Third Tip: Focus on Your Strengths

We all have strengths and weaknesses that make us unique individuals. When you’re writing your resume however, focus on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. The more persuasive you are, the more attention you’ll get. Remember, it’s okay to brag about yourself; just keep it concise and easy to notice. If you have a new certification, list it. If you successfully completed a project, describe it. Make sure you’re making your strengths apparent to the hiring manager reading your resume.

If you’re new to the IT industry, focus on the strengths that have made you successful in other settings. For example, someone new to the workforce can focus on their educational achievements if it involved technology or an entry-level certification. Alternatively, an experienced IT professional lacking a specific certification could highlight his or her ability to lean new technologies. Again, focus on your strengths and the hiring manager will notice them too.

Forth Tip: Keep it Relevant and to One Page

While we’re often tempted to list every expertise, accomplishment or experience, it’s best to keep the contents of your resume relevant to the role you’re applying to. If you’re applying to a new role in cyber security, your barista experience may not be as helpful. Therefore, don’t expand your resume into multiple pages simply to provide content.

The biggest issue with providing too much irrelevant content is that it hides the golden nuggets you want the hiring manager to see. Keep this in mind; less is more when it comes to writing an effective IT resume. Keep it to one page and make sure it speaks directly to the needs of the organization you’re applying to.

Fifth Tip: Never Stop Updating Your Skills

The best tip every IT practitioner should take to heart is to never stop updating your skills. The best way to get your IT resume noticed in today’s workforce is to have in-demand skills hiring managers are looking for. If your skillsets don’t match the needs of the organization, you’ll likely never get the interview. In the world of IT, your ability to adapt with the changing needs of business is paramount if you want to stay employed.

Hiring managers trying fill positions in infrastructure, cloud computing and cyber security are all looking for the right certifications. Information technology professionals with these qualifications are finding employment in a world desperate for qualified talent.

Summing It Up

Although IT professionals have a much easier time finding employment than those in other professions, a well-written IT resume will make it easier to land the best jobs. Ensuring your resume grabs the attention of a busy hiring manager is the key to getting called in for the interview. If you’re interested in learning more about in-demand IT certifications to list on your resume, contact KnowledgeNet and discuss your goals with a friendly representative today.

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