In-Demand Tech Skills for 2017 and Beyond

In-Demand Tech Skills for 2017 and Beyond

The field of information technology is growing all the time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in IT-related careers is projected to increase 12 percent through 2024. This rate of growth clearly outpaces most professions. In addition, a growing skills gap continues to expand as the number of IT professionals entering the workforce fails to keep pace with the demand. This creates fierce competition amongst businesses desperate to fill IT positions. While a lack of qualified talent has been a challenge for organizations with technical positions to fill, it has created awesome opportunities for those willing to develop in-demand tech skills.

Although IT provides in-demand employment, not all skills are still in-demand. Let’s face it, those with skills in outdated technologies won’t have the same opportunities as those with in-demand, relevant skills needed in modern business. While technologies involving physical infrastructures are still relevant, they will soon be replaced by virtualized solutions. Likewise, the growing threat of cybercrime, evolving business demands and emerging technologies are among a host of additional factors changing the landscape of IT.

Choosing a career in IT should be a balance of passion and practicality. This means choosing a career that both embraces your interests while providing stable employment. Although IT continues to evolve, developing in-demand skills will provide lucrative employment for years to come. If you’re looking to develop a lasting career in IT, enjoy this list of in-demand tech skills for 2017 and beyond.

Agile Project Management

The worldwide demand for software is creating amazing employment opportunities for Agile project managers. Certifying bodies like Scrum Alliance and the Project Management Institute (PMI) provide certifications validating Agile best practices. Unlike traditional project management, the Agile method allows for adaptability and flexibility providing quick changes to an existing strategy if it becomes obsolete. This method has revolutionized the software development industry and is one of the most in-demand tech skills today.

Agile project management certifications like the PMI–Agile Certified Practitioner and the Certified ScrumMaster take many years to achieve. This involves passing certification exams and recording thousands of hours of project management experience. While training for a career in Agile project management takes both time and dedication, it’s well worth the effort.

Big Data

The popularity and necessity for technologies like big data has increased the demand for advanced database practitioners. Advances in cloud technology, mobile technology and the ever expansion of the Internet of Things is creating niche opportunities for those with big data skills. Big data experts work with large and complex sets of data, and commonly provide predictive user and behavior analytics.

The field of Big Data is getting a lot of attention. According to an Economist article published in February of 2010, industry leaders like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP have invested more than $15 billion on big data firms. This trend will likely continue as the need for big data analytics increases. Learn big data skills and become an in-demand practitioner in a $100 billion industry.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is among the most in-demand tech skills needed in today’s workforce, and it’s changing the landscape of IT. Businesses that once relied on clunky, physical infrastructures are now finding huge benefits from fully-virtualized enterprise systems. While cloud technology provides a host of benefits for organizations trying to improve the bottom line, it also creates incredible employment opportunities for those with cloud computing certifications. In fact, certifying bodies like AWS and EMC2 are creating some of the best-paid positions in the IT industry.

Anyone looking for a stable career in IT will find it in cloud computing. As cloud technology continues to replace the need for physical infrastructures, it creates new opportunities for growth. The future of IT is cloud computing and those who embrace it now will enjoy all the benefits of an in-demand career for years to come.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime has created a strong demand for IT practitioners with skills in cyber security. Threats from both nation states and black hat organizations have created a hostile environment where organizations are continually under attack. There seems to be no end in sight as this $445 billion, criminal industry continues to outpace the illegal drug trade. Without a doubt, developing in-demand tech skills in cyber security will provide both gainful and secure employment for years to come.

Certifying bodies like Cisco, EC-Council, ISACA, and (ISC)2 provide in-demand certifications that are desperately sought after in today’s workforce. These certifications show prospective hiring managers that you have the skills to secure an enterprise-level architecture. Develop cybersecurity skills and enjoy all that comes from an in-demand career.

Web Development

Web development is an in-demand tech skill that continues to gain popularity as the Internet of Things continues to involve more of our lives. Whether it’s online-banking transactions or streaming entertainment, web developers fill a much-needed role in modern society. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development is expected to grow at a rate of 27 percent through 2024. The BLS also reported above-average incomes for this field. While the median salary for web developers is roughly $66,000, the highest 10 percent are earning nearly $120,000.

Web developers often work for employers, much like the rest of the professional workforce. However, some opt to work independently as contractors. Having multiple employment options is just one many benefits that come with being a web developer. Most importantly, having in-demand tech skills like web development is a great way to ensure you’ll be employable for decades.

Summing It Up

The field of information technology is constantly expanding, even though the number of qualified practitioners entering the industry fails to keep pace. Those with in-demand tech skills in Agile project management, Big Data, cloud computing, cyber security and web development are enjoying all the benefits that come with an in-demand career. If you’re looking to develop in-demand tech skills for 2017 and beyond, contact a friendly KnowledgeNet representative and explore our many in-demand IT certifications and diverse learning formats.

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