The Hardest IT Jobs to Fill

The Hardest IT Jobs to Fill

The demand for IT professionals grows at a record-breaking pace as organizations all over the world compete for qualified talent. High-paying technology jobs in big data, cyber security and software development often go unfilled for months on end, because there simply isn’t enough people to fill them. While the growing demand for skilled practitioners challenges organizations with positions to fill, it creates amazing opportunities for those with the right experience and certifications.

The Robert Half Technology 2017 Salary Guide recently listed the top 10 most in-demand technology jobs based on factors such as availability and time needed to fill the position. The list includes hard-to-fill technology jobs spanning from networking to big data and provides a salary range for each career.

Although the salaries associated with in-demand IT jobs are quite high, organizations still struggle to find qualified talent in today’s workforce. Here’s the top 10 most difficult IT jobs to fill in 2017.

Web Design $70,500 – $118,000

Web Designers use their creativity and coding skills to create full stack websites. These technology artists know how to create amazing user experiences with advanced coding. Certifications commonly associated with this career are Python, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails.

Network Engineer $99,000 – $146,250

Network engineers design, manage and secure complex infrastructures. These advanced-level practitioners often lead teams and are capable of working independently. Certifications commonly associated with this career include CCDP and CCNP.

Software Developer $93,000 – $155,000

Software developers create web, mobile and systems applications from scratch. The demand for software development has provided excellent employment opportunities for software developers all over the world and has drawn many form oversees to fill much-needed positions. Certifications commonly associated with career include JavaScript , C# and C++.

Network Security Administrator $107,000 – $155,250

Network Security Administrators use their vast knowledge of networks to provide entry-level security to complex infrastructures. These associate-level practitioners provide security support roles and typically work under the supervision of security expert. Certifications commonly associate with this career include CompTIA Security+ and CCNA Security.

Database Developer $108,000 – $161,500

Database developers design, manage and secure large database. These hard-to-find IT practitioners often work closely with programmers and are experts in SQL. Certifications commonly associate with this certification include Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Oracle Database 12c OCA.

Network Security Engineer $115,500 – $162,500

Network Security Engineers have extensive knowledge of networking protocols and provide security services for complex infrastructures. These cybersecurity professionals often lead security teams and provide advanced-level supervision over large networks. Certifications commonly associated with this certification include CompTIA CASP and CCNP Security.

Data Scientist $116,000 – $163,000

Data Scientist interpret, analyze and clean data at an advanced level. These database experts identify patterns and trends which helps them improve systems and provide critical feedback to the business stakeholders. EMC2 is a certification commonly associated with this career.

Software Engineer $108,250 – $164,500

Software engineers create advanced-level applications for computer systems, web applications and mobile devices. These IT professionals are experts in both code and computer science making them very hard to find in today’s workforce. Certifications commonly associated with career include MCSD Web Applications and CSSLP.

Data Security Analyst $118,250 – $169,000

Data Security Analyst are tasked with the critical role of protecting the organization’s data. These cybersecurity professionals manage security software, instruct users on best practices and ensure the enterprise system is free of breaches. Certification commonly associated with this certification include CISSP , CISM and CISA.

Big Data Engineer $135,000 – $196,000

Big Data Engineers create, manage and secure big data solutions and utilize frameworks like Hadoop. These advanced-level practitioners understand software engineering, programming and database management. Certifications commonly associated with this career include EMC2 and MCSE Business Intelligence.

Summing It Up

The field of information technology is consistently expanding, but the speed at which it progresses outpaces the available pool of IT practitioners. If you’re interested in learning about training materials needed for these hard-to-find technology jobs, contact KnowledgeNet and speak with a friendly representative. Call (877) 797-2799 or visit KnowledgeNet.

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