CompTIA: No Longer Just for Newbies

CompTIA: No Longer Just for Newbies

CompTIA has been providing vendor-neutral training for IT technicians since 1982. While CompTIA has traditionally specialized in entry-level IT training, they’re now providing more advanced-level certifications that look great on any resume. The two advanced-level certifications that stand out are CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) and CompTIA Cloud+. Both certifications take the learner into advanced practices that are typically reserved for more seasoned technicians. Although neither certification requires a prerequisite, pre-existing experience is recommended. If you’re an experienced IT professional needing updated skills, consider these two in-demand certifications:

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

Organizations all over the world are challenged by the growing rate of cyber-attacks that threaten their most valuable assets. While this has been a concern for organizations with data to protect, it provides a great opportunity for IT professionals who certify for the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP). The CASP certification is broken into two courses that teach advanced-level security practices.  The first course teaches security practitioners how to tie security mechanisms together to keep storage, data, systems and networks secure from cyber-attacks. Additionally, students learn to integrate advanced authentication and authorization technologies to further secure the enterprise system. The second course focuses on teaching cryptography. In this course, students learn cryptographic concepts and techniques that are utilized to secure data within enterprise storage. Students should have networking, server and database experience before taking these courses. Earn this certification and become the defender of your organization’s most valuable assets.

CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001

In a continuing effort to minimize the need for equipment, organizations all over the globe are choosing to move their data and services into the cloud. The growing popularity of the cloud has created a demand for qualified talent with cloud-computing skills. CompTIA Cloud+ teaches students cloud policies and procedures, VM host performance, virtualization performance concepts, testing in the cloud and managing cloud performance. Students are recommended to have at least two to three years of networking, data center, and storage experience before taking this course. Take on the next challenge in your career with the CompTIA Cloud+ certification and learn skills to ensure your organization’s data and services are recoverable, safe and ready when needed.

Summing It Up

CompTIA remains one of the premier certifying bodies in the IT industry. While CompTIA has traditionally specialized in entry-level certifications, they’ve recently included a few advanced-level certifications for experienced IT professionals. CompTIA’s certifications are recognized all over the world and provide employment opportunities for those willing to train for success. If you’re ready to up your game with either of these two advanced certifications, visit and speak to one of KnowledgeNet’s friendly Success Advisors about your training options.

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