4 Reasons Your Organization Needs to be Using Cisco Collaboration

4 Reasons Your Organization Needs to be Using Cisco Collaboration

It’s all in the name. Cisco Collaboration utilizes a powerful platform to connect employees with the technical services they rely on. This technology is changing how people work by providing a convenient and effective way to share information, communicate and cooperate on projects. Although this powerful technology solves a number of business challenges, it still provides a user-friendly experience that will impress the most critical employees.

Cisco Collaboration is an ideal solution to help your organization achieve a common vision. This is accomplished through four service packs that are improving workforce efficiency.

Cisco Collaboration services include:

  • Services for Collaboration Endpoints
  • Services for Conferencing
  • Services for Customer Care
  • Services for Unified Communications

Amazing things happen when people work in harmony and those who harness the power of collaborative software are achieving extraordinary things. If you need a solution like this for your organization, consider these four reasons your organization needs to be using Cisco Collaboration.

Reason 1: Services for Collaboration Endpoints

Cisco Sparks Board is a convenient service used to manage Cisco collaboration endpoints. This vast collection of endpoints includes desk endpoints, peripherals, room endpoints, IP phones, immersive telepresence, software clients and telepresence integration services. Those who learn to utilize Cisco Sparks Board effectively reduce operating costs by lowering support requests and providing quick access to resources.

Reason 2: Services for Conferencing

Services for conferencing have dramatically improved the meeting experience for those who have implemented Cisco Collaboration. These services include Cisco Event Services, Cisco Self Service Webcasting, WebEx Planning, Design and Implementation Services and WebEx Cloud Connected Audio Services. These amazing technologies are allowing members to mitigate travel, improve meeting presentations and create additional opportunities to collaborate by hosting events online.

Reason 3: Services for Customer Care

The role of customer care is constantly evolving as consumers turn to alternative forms of communication. The days when customers relied solely on phones to solve satisfaction and support issues are behind us. Today, customers want additional communication options like online forums, email and chat windows. Companies using Cisco Collaboration are improving customer relationships, reducing costs and solving customer issues in one contact through multichannel services.

Reason 4: Services for Unified Communications

At the heart of Cisco Collaboration are the unified communication services. These services are critical for many modern organizations because they reduce IT costs, increase productivity and improve responsiveness. Cisco Unified Communications Services combines voice, video and data into one convenient solution. This package of services provides a superior platform to make calls, send messages or join a conference.

Summing It Up

Cisco Collaboration is making it easy for organizations to communicate, share data and attend meetings. Anyone interested authorized Cisco Collaboration training is encouraged to contact KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company and speak with a friendly representative. Call (888) 797-2799 or visit knowledgenet.com.


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