The Ultimate Guide to Cisco’s Most Popular Specializations

The Ultimate Guide to Cisco’s Most Popular Specializations

Let’s explore the most popular product specializations offered by Cisco.

To begin, Cisco is the global leader in network technology and provides a diverse collection of services for organizations all over the world. This diversity has created multiple opportunities for IT practitioners, just like you, to develop specializations that separate them from the rest of the crowd. How far you go and what you specialize in is completely up to you. However, your success will depend on choosing the specialization that motivates you and serves your long-term goals. If you’re interested in learning more, use this informative guide to familiarize yourself with Cisco’s most popular specializations.

While Cisco offers a variety of specializations, we’ll focus on the most popular ones. These include:

  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Design
  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Wireless


Organizations all over the world are embracing cloud technology and this trend is expected to continue for many years to come. Those who develop cloud computing skills will find lucrative employment opportunities within a variety of industries. If you’re motivated by cutting-edge technology, want to secure data and ensure that business services are readily available—Cisco Cloud is the right specialty for you.


Cisco voice has been recently replaced by Cisco Collaboration, which includes a few additional services. Those who learn Cisco Collaboration will still deliver IP telephony services. However, these IT professionals are now responsible for delivering video, data and mobile services as well. If you’re interested in a high-demand position that incorporates many different skills, Cisco Collaboration will be the specialty for you.

Data Center

Storage, retrieval, querying, and virtualization and analysis are all essential components of managing big data. Individuals who learn Cisco Data Center will use their skills to ensure that the organization’s data remains healthy, accessible and achieves business goals. If you’re fascinated by big data and understand the power of data analytics, Cisco Data Center is an ideal specialty for you.


Enterprise systems must be designed for quality of service and scalability. IT practitioners with Cisco design skills are capable of managing and creating architectures that meet company objectives, routing protocols and provide room for expansion. If you’re interested in designing networks and working with a variety of services, Cisco Design is the right specialty for you.

Routing and Switching

At the core of all Cisco services are routing and switching protocols. Network engineers who develop these skills find lucrative employment as network administrators and managers. Additionally, those with routing and switching certifications find employment in many different industries. If you’re interested in ensuring quality of services and managing networks, Cisco Routing and Switching is the right specialty for you.


Due to the growing number of cyberattacks that have occurred over the last decade, network security has become one of the most in-demand skills in information technology. Network engineers who develop these skills are trained to mitigate the damage from cyberattacks and find vulnerabilities within the network. If you’re passionate about defending your organization’s network, Cisco Security is the best specialty for you.


The growing popularity of “bring your own device” (BYOD) business policies has driven many organizations to invest in wireless technologies. This has opened up additional employment opportunities for network engineers that meet this challenge through training. If you’re ready to step up your game and become the wireless engineer of your organization, Cisco Wireless is the right specialty for you.

Summing It Up

Cisco provides amazing opportunities to become an IT specialist if you’re willing to train and then validate your expertise. Additionally, those with strong initiative can achieve multiple specializations if they continue to learn and develop specialized skills. If you’re ready to meet the challenge but are still unsure where to start, call 877-797-2799 or visit

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