Developing Your Coding Career from Home

Developing Your Coding Career from Home

Coding boot camps are popping up all over the world as the demand for web development continues to grow. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of web development is expected to increase at a rate of 27% through 2024 clearly outpacing most professional careers. The BLS also reports a higher-than-average income for this field. While the median salary for web developers is a little over $66,000, the salaries for the top 10 percent are nearly $120,000. Without a doubt, coding boot camps will continue to grow in popularity as the opportunities within web development continue to expand.

While coding boot camps are ideal for those with part-time jobs, they fall short for those strapped with full-time employment. Also, many boot camps require attendees to travel- some from out of state. The thought of spending anywhere from 12 to 48 weeks in a classroom setting is simply an unrealistic option for many aspiring web developers. Whether it’s family obligations, a chaotic lifestyle or a rigid work schedule, the physical classroom simply doesn’t work for everyone.

What Are the Options for Working Adults?

Online coding boot camps, like the Code Institute’s Diploma in Software Development, provide the flexibility demanded by today’s working professionals. Students study on their own schedules and part-time training options are available. Students learn full-stack web development by attending online classes from anywhere they get an internet connection. Whether you’re learning from a mobile device on the go or relaxing in front of your desktop at home, online coding boot camps make it easy to begin your career in web development.

Will I Get Support?

While most online training solutions come without support, the Code Institute’s online coding boot camp provides assigned mentors to each student. These learning advisors provide course guidance and ensure each student is achieving all the course objectives. The support doesn’t end there. Career guidance and resume assistance is also available upon graduation. While you may be studying on your own, you’re never alone when it comes to getting the support needed for success. No one gets left behind.

I don’t have Experience

It’s okay if you lack coding experience. After all, every professional in the web development field today had to begin somewhere. Online coding boot camps, like the Code Institute’s Diploma in Software Development, offer an introduction course for those needing to learn the fundamentals. Students learn the basics of coding and the concepts that will be used throughout the course. If you have an aptitude for technology and a passion for coding, don’t let experience keep you from a rewarding career.

Am I Too Old?

Without a doubt, young adults all over the world are attracted to coding. However, this diverse field isn’t just for young adults. In fact, many career changers in their forties, fifties and sixties are developing amazing careers in web development as well. In reality, coding attracts a diverse population of individuals from many different backgrounds. What really matters is that you have an aptitude for technology and a passion for coding. As long as you’re still breathing, you’re not too old. Don’t let age be your excuse.

What Will I Learn?

Most online coding boot camp will cover a host of coding languages used in full-stack web development. The Code Institute covers the most popular programming languages in the web development industry. These include:

HTML5 – A commonly used markup language for presenting content on the internet
CSS3 – A stylistic language for creating engaging and visually appealing web experiences
Python – A popular language that allows programmers to do more using fewer lines of code
JavaScript – An interpreted programming language used to make websites interactive
GitHub – A web-based, Git repository used to manage code
Data Management – A skillset for storing and retrieving data
Agile Development – A set of best practices for software development projects
Django – An open-source framework written in Python used to simplify website development

Is the Content Relevant?

The curriculum was selected by the Code Institute’s Industry Advisory Council. This panel of industry -leading experts review, validate and prescribe syllabus updates on an ongoing basis. Experts like Accenture, GSK, RedHat, Ogilvy, and PayPal all make up this prestigious panel and ensure students learn relevant skills needed in today’s workforce. Learn relevant skills and increase your demand.

What Will I Graduate With?

Upon graduation, each student will receive a Diploma in Software Development recognized by Edinburgh Napier University. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2016, this globally recognized university ranked in the top five percent of universities worldwide. This prestigious accreditation looks great on any web developer’s resume and will certainly set you apart from the competition.

Most importantly, students graduate with a portfolio to show prospective hiring managers they have the skills for an entry-level position as a junior web developer. In the field of web development, prospective employees are usually judged on their accomplishments. Having a rich portfolio of accomplishments demonstrates that you already possess the skills required for the job.

Summing It Up

Coding boot camps will likely continue to grow in popularity as the demand for qualified talent continues to grow. Unfortunately, most coding boot camps fail to meet the demands of many aspiring web developers as they rely on traditional brick and mortar means of delivering content. Online coding boot camps like the Code Institute are now providing flexible training alternatives for high school graduates, college graduates and career changers of all ages and backgrounds.  Learn relevant content and become a workforce-ready developer in 12 to 24 weeks.

Want to learn more about the Code Institute’s Diploma in Software Development? Chat with a friendly KnowledgeNet representative to learn more about this amazing program. Your career in web development is waiting for you.

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