Elevate Your Career with Web Development

Elevate Your Career with Web Development

Do you want to become a web developer? If so, the demand for web development coming out of major sectors of the U.S. economy is driving growth and creating a multitude of employment opportunities. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 27 percent growth rate expected to continue through 2024. The BLS report also shows a higher than average income for this field. The median salary for web developers is $66,130 with the highest 10 percent earning more than $119,000.

What’s involved?

If you have an aptitude for technology and a creative mind, you’ll love web development.  Web developers use advanced coding skills to create front-end to back-end projects that are both attractive and user-friendly. Unlike most professional careers requiring a diploma from a four-year college, web developers utilize training resources and attend boot camps to acquire skills and validate expertise. While a college diploma looks great on any resume, they aren’t necessary for finding employment as a web developer. Rather, a rich portfolio of accomplishments is much more relevant and demonstrates in-demand skills.

Where can I find employment?

Web developers skilled in full-stack development have the choice of working directly for organizations or can work independently as contractors. Additionally, web developers can choose to work in a multitude of industries. A recent LinkedIn study analyzed the skills that were in highest demand among major sectors of the U.S. economy, and found that web development was a skill set required in over half of the listed sectors. Data based on recruiter Inmails sent from April 2015 to April 2017 targeting perspective hires identified six major sectors of the U.S. economy that require web development. For those interested in taking their web development career to the next level, check out these industries that desperately need qualified talent.


Technology companies specializing in products or services must have a highly functional website that appeals to their target audiences. No one is more critical of a website’s functionality than an IT practitioner. For this reason, top web developers are often hired to ensure the company’s image is upheld and the connection to the world is operating at peak efficiency. If you’re a developer with a passion for website functionality, the technology industry may be the right fit for you.

Finance and Insurance

According to Federal Reserve Bank of New York, roughly $14 trillion in financial transactions occurs each day throughout the United States. At the heart of these transactions are websites that facility the transfer. Securing transfers and creating a means for people to make payments, purchase items and transfer assets is critical to modern business. Web developers with skills in online payment systems will always find employment in the finance and insurance sector.

Retail and Consumer Products

Industry leaders like Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart rely on customer-friendly websites to facilitate billions of dollars in transactions occurring every day. Even small businesses from flower shops to antique stores use websites to reach their local customers. While large retailers typically hire full-time, dedicated web developers, smaller retailers hire independent contractors. Whether you’re looking for stable employment or the ability to chart your own course, the retail and consumer products industry provides amazing employment opportunities.

Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry relies heavily on websites to deliver news and gossip, stream the latest movies and TV shows, and reach an audience that expects on-demand information. Traditional media and entertainment sources like newspapers, magazines and TV are being replaced by digital sources that require a fully-interactive website. If you’re a web developer that is passionate about breaking news or the latest blockbuster movie, the media and entertainment industry is where you need to be.

Professional Services

Anyone wanting to succeed as a realtor, accountant, lawyer, or financial planner must be able to reach their target audience with an attractive website that keeps their customers coming back for more. Web developers with a passion for working independently find all kinds of employment opportunity within the professional services sector. If you’re interested in creating business relationships and working independently, you’ll thrive in the professional services industry.

Government, Education and Non-Profit

Government entities and non-profit organizations use websites to inform the public and provide community services. While most state departments require complex websites to provide services for millions of users, non-profit agencies use user-friendly websites to increase donations and service the local community. If you feel your web development skills were meant for public service, then the government, education and non-profit sector is the ideal choice for you.

Summing It Up

Web development is in-demand and developers can choose to work in a variety of industries. If you’re interested in beginning a career in web development, contact KnowledgeNet and speak with a friendly representative about your web development training options.

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