Learn How to Code in 12 Weeks and Build an Amazing Portfolio

Learn How to Code in 12 Weeks and Build an Amazing Portfolio

KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company has recently partnered with the Code Institute to provide a 12-week, online boot camp designed to help you achieve a lucrative career in software development.

The course teaches full stack software development and is ideal for anyone with an aptitude for technology and a passion for coding. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you lack experience. Many of the students who are currently enrolled come from completely different backgrounds. Likewise, adult students of all ages are able to learn in-demand skills that are desperately needed in today’s workforce. Most importantly, students graduate with portfolios that show hiring managers they’re ready for employment. If you’re confident that 2017 is the year to embark on a career in software development, check out this amazing course.

You Don’t Need Experience

Many who sit on the career fence are intimidated by their lack of coding knowledge. This is understandable considering the technical nature of software development. Unfortunately, this keeps smart and dedicated individuals from making that first step. The Code Institute’s Diploma in Software Development is a full stack program that involves an introductory module for those who are new to coding. This module ensures that everybody begins the course on the same footing. In short, this module helps students without any experience become familiar with the vocabulary and concepts that will be utilized throughout the remainder of the course. Those who already have this fundamental coding knowledge can test out of this module. Don’t let a lack of experience be your excuse.

You’re Not Alone

This intense 12-week program includes the assistance of live mentors. Students schedule appointments with their dedicated mentors to ensure that they understand the course content and keep up with scheduled assignments. Students also learn and get answers to questions through participation in the Code Institute’s online community. This provides an environment for students and past students to collaborate, ask questions and help others as they complete scheduled assignments. Mentors are used to monitor these chat rooms and ensure all questions are answered with accuracy. Train with the Code Institute and get the one-on-one assistance you need to be successful.

Learn Front-End Development

The first module teaches students front-end design. In this module, students learn to create attractive and interactive client-side experiences for users. Students learn front-end languages like:

·         HTML5

·         CSS3

·         JavaScript

Students also learn relevant and up-to-date front-end design techniques that will prepare them for the next modules in the course. Once students learn to develop the front-end applications, they will shift focus to the back-end.

Learn Back-End Development

The second module teaches students back-end design. Here, students learn how to create dynamic back-end processes that enable the front-end applications. Students learn back-end topics that include:

·         Python programming

·         Database fundamentals

·         MySQL

Understanding front-end design is critical before beginning back-end course content. Once students learn to develop the back-end applications and have familiarized themselves with the databases that support them, they will shift focus to full stack development.

Learn Full Stack Development

The full stack development module ties together everything the student has learned. In this module, students utilize front and back end techniques to create software from the ground up. Full stack topics include:

·         Django

·         Advanced Python

·         Advanced Database transactions

Students will graduate with a solid understanding of full stack development and will find employment in a variety of industries as they continue to gain real-world experience.

Develop a Portfolio to Get Hired

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a portfolio of work that validates your newly acquired skills. This portfolio will demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the expertise to fill any entry-level software development position. Train with the Code Institute and graduate with the tools you need to get hired.

Summing It Up

The Code Institute’s partnership with KnowledgeNet: The Live Learning Company is providing an incredible opportunity for aspiring coders to begin a lucrative career in software development. If you’re interested in taking the first step towards an amazing career, contact KnowledgeNet at 877-797-2799 or visit KnowledgeNet.com.

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