4G Communication Systems

Technical professionals; IT and business managers who need to learn about emerging broadband wireless technologies; students studying or researching broadband wireless communications and technologies

An understanding of the basic concepts of cellular, mobile, and fixed wireless technology and the fundamental principles underpinning their operation

Expected Duration
140 minutes

To explain the elements of 4G communication systems


4G Communication Systems

  • recognize potential future developments in wireless services.
  • identify the characteristics and benefits of the principal and enabling technologies of 4G.
  • identify the system and service architecture issues for 4G networks and their solutions.
  • recognize the properties and technologies of 4G.
  • recognize the role of CDMA in 4G communication.
  • recognize the role of OFDM in 4G communication.
  • recognize the role of smart antennas in future wireless systems.
  • identify the technologies involved in 4G.




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