A+ Essentials: Security & Networking (Replaced by course cs_apet_a10_it_enus)

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This course has been replaced by “A+ Essentials 2009: Security and Network Fundamentals (IPv6 update)”, course code cs_apet_a10_it_enus.

Target Audience


Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Security Concepts and Technologies

  • recognize how key encryption technologies work
  • recognize how key authentication technologies work
  • configure firewall exceptions
  • recognize ways to dispose of data
  • Security Features and Connections

  • configure a wireless network connection
  • recognize how to secure a network using IDS
  • open the TPM
  • recognize ways to secure the user environment
  • Setting Firewall Exceptions and Wireless Connections

    Malicious Software Detection and Prevention

  • recognize how the types of malicious code work
  • recognize how spyware works
  • recognize how spam works
  • Networking Fundamentals, Devices, and Protocols

  • recognize key networking concepts
  • join a computer to a domain and a workgroup
  • recognize how network devices function
  • configure TCP/IP settings on a client
  • Network Types and Wireless Configuration

  • recognize key characteristics of wired and wireless networks
  • configure a wireless network
  • Performing Basic Network Configurations

    Network Cables and Connectors

  • distinguish between the types of network cabling
  • distinguish between the types of connectors