A+ Practical App: Maintaining Op Sys (Replaced by course cs_apit_a06_it_enus)

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This course has been replaced by “A+ Practical Application 2009: Maintaining Operating Systems (Windows 7 update)”, course code cs_apit_a06_it_enus.

Target Audience


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Management and Troubleshooting Commands

  • use disk management commands
  • use system management commands
  • use file management commands
  • use folder management commands
  • Managing Disks

  • use the DEFRAG and NTBACKUP disk management commands
  • convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk using the Disk Management tool
  • create a mounted drive
  • System Utilities

  • recognize the functions of key administration tools
  • use Performance Monitor to monitor a system
  • use the Services console to configure services
  • set system tasks
  • Using Commands and Utilities

    Differences between Windows OS Directory Structures

  • recognize key differences between Windows 2000, XP, and Vista OS directory structures
  • Resolving Startup Issues

  • recognize how to resolve common startup errors
  • Resolving Operational and System Issues

  • recognize how to resolve common operational issues
  • resolve auto-restart errors
  • recognize how to optimize system performance
  • Resolving Startup and Operational Issues