A+ Practical Application 2009: Personal Computer Components

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The IT industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, but the backbone of the industry has always remained the computers themselves. This course looks at the components that make up personal computers and shows you how they all work in unison. It explores such components as motherboards, power supplies, storage devices, central processing units, adapter cards, and a variety of memory types. The course is part of the preparation for the CompTIA A+ 220-702 Practical Application exam which is half of the requirement necessary to acquire the CompTIA A+ certification.

Target Audience

Individuals undertaking the A+ certification track and companies that need technical staff trained in the A+ exam track


Computer technicians who have accumulated 500 hours hand-on experience in a lab or in the field and, ideally, have completed the “A+ Essentials” exam (220-701)

Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Motherboard Components

  • recognize the functions of motherboard components
  • Storage Devices and Power Supplies

  • recognize how storage devices are configured
  • recognize key characteristics of power supplies
  • Configuring the Motherboard and Storage Devices

    Processors, Memory, and Cooling Systems

  • recognize key characteristics of processors
  • recognize key characteristics of memory
  • recognize how computers are kept from overheating
  • Adapter Cards

  • recognize key characteristics of adapter cards
  • Configuring Processors and Adapter Cards