ABAP Fundamentals

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To recognize the basic features of ABAP, including the workbench and ABAP tools, and to learn how to create a domain, a data element, and a table.

Target Audience

Project team members who will be involved at a programming level in customizing SAP implementations using SAP’s ABAP programming language


Those taking SAP ABAP Programming Fundamentals training are expected to have some generic knowledge of programming concepts and at least some foundation-level programming experience

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

ABAP Fundamentals

  • recognize the basic concepts of ABAP and access the ABAP Workbench.
  • recognize which ABAP Workbench tool to use in a given scenario.
  • recognize the characteristics of the ABAP data dictionary objects.
  • recognize the features of ABAP and the functions of the ABAP tools and data dictionary objects.
  • recognize the components of a table definition.
  • create a domain and a data element in a given scenario.
  • recognize how to create a table in a given scenario.
  • create domains and data elements and use them to create Data Dictionary tables for a given scenario.




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