Access Policies, Caching, and VPNs in Microsoft ISA Server 2000

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To describe the components of access policies, configure caching on ISA Server, and explain the use of VPNs

Target Audience

IT Professionals including web administrators, network administrators, and security administrators but not network architects


The Group Policy module in the Microsoft Windows 2000 learning path; the Microsoft Windows 2000 – Implementing a Network Infrastructure learning path, or equivalent skills

Expected Duration

270 min.

Course Objectives

Access Policies, Caching, and VPNs in Microsoft ISA Server 2000

  • describe the components of an access policy, how to plan an access policy strategy, and the method that ISA Server uses to process outgoing client requests.
  • describe policy elements.
  • describe the policy elements available to ISA Server.
  • create the most important types of ISA Server 2000 policy elements.
  • plan appropriate access policies and create protocol rules and site and content rules.
  • create protocol rules.
  • explain and configure bandwidth rules.
  • create a bandwidth rule.
  • describe authentication methods available in ISA Server 2000 and configure authentication for outgoing web requests.
  • configure authentication in ISA Server 2000.
  • explain which type of client authentication to implement in specific scenarios.
  • describe the ISA Server 2000 caching functions that improve cache performance.
  • identify policies for configuring HTTP caching.
  • configure FTP caching and caching for specific objects.
  • adjust the cache size and the associated .cdat file for an ISA server.
  • configure HTTP and FTP caching, active caching, advanced cache settings, and scheduled content downloads.
  • describe the use of an ISA VPN server.
  • configure an ISA VPN Server to accept client connections and to configure local and remote ISA VPN servers.
  • configure PPTP connections for ISA Server 2000 client computers.
  • configure a VPN connection between networks.