Achieve Your Objectives through Effective Delegation

Managers and team leaders for small- to medium-sized teams


Expected Duration
26 minutes

Have you ever heard one of these phrases: ‘If you want to get on in an organization, never make yourself indispensable, make yourself redundant!’, or maybe ‘If you want something done give it to a busy team!’ or perhaps ‘Don’t work hard, work smart!’ What all these are really saying is the same thing – learn to delegate effectively.  If you can give the right tasks in the right way to your team, you will motivate them, grow their ability to act alone, and free yourself and your time for challenging tasks and roles fulfilling everyone’s objectives. In this course, you’ll first learn about the impact of different delegation styles. You’ll then be introduced to principles you can use to help you decide what to delegate and to whom.


Delegating To Achieve the Best for Your Team

  • recognize the impact of different delegation styles
  • recognize the kinds of tasks that should be delegated
  • delegate tasks to the right people
  • delegate the right tasks to the right people





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