Active Listening Skills for Professionals

Individuals who want to develop or improve their skills for listening effectively within the workplace


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Active listening skills are time-tested tools used by professionals in a wide range of occupations to enhance their work. Psychologists, talk show hosts, or police negotiators may use active listening skills more than any other set of skills. Though you may not be counseling someone in distress, getting a celebrity to reveal their emotions, or bargaining for hostages, the principles of active listening are the same. Active listening means listening attentively to the speaker’s words, meaning, intent, and emotions in an unbiased positive way. Active listening also involves creatively utilizing a blend of discrete skills that can be brought to bear in any conversation to draw out additional meaning, intent, and emotions. In this course, you’ll review more advanced listening skills to help you operate more effectively in your workplace. These skills include how to prepare your mind to actively listen, how to actively demonstrate “I’m listening,” how to draw out thoughts and emotions from speakers, and how to steer conversations and ensure understanding.


Effective Active Listening Skills

  • identify methods of mentally preparing to listen actively
  • recognize skills that demonstrate attentive listening
  • recognize skills that draw out thoughts and emotions
  • analyze a scenario to determine if the skills for ensuring accuracy were appropriately applied
  • effectively apply active listening skills in a professional setting




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