Active Shooter – Campus

Individuals in a higher education environment including students faculty, and administrative staff


Expected Duration
26 minutes

This course helps you prepare to respond to an active shooter situation. It begins by describing the typical character of active shooter incidents. It then explains how to determine the correct course of action in such a situation depending on the circumstances: escape, hiding in a secure location, or physically engaging with the shooter. The course then lays out the principles you should follow in relation to each of these options. Finally, you’ll also learn about what to expect and how to react when law enforcement arrives.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by Eric L. Matson of Norsemen Training & Consulting Group, a global professional services company focusing on corporate, business, and personal safety training.


Being Prepared for an Active Shooter Incident

  • identify statements that describe characteristics of active shooter/violent attacker situations
  • identify the components of an effective emergency action plan
  • sequence the preferred courses of action to follow in an active shooter/attacker situation
  • identify guidelines to follow when attempting to escape from an active shooter
  • identify appropriate actions to take when you have to hide out during an active shooter incident
  • identify when it is appropriate to engage with a shooter/attacker
  • identify appropriate actions to take when law enforcement personnel arrive





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