Adapting Your Conflict Style

Any individual who wants to develop or refresh their skills at recognizing and responding to workplace conflict


Expected Duration
29 minutes

Everyone has their own unique personality style. They also have a preferred style for dealing with conflict. Do you avoid conflict? Or do you take charge in a conflict situation? Perhaps you have a more cooperative approach? When working with others who have different styles, and when facing different conflict situations, we all have to adapt. In this course, you’ll learn about the different conflict styles, including when and how to use them. You’ll find out about the importance of adapting your style in response to others’ styles and the particular situation you’re in. Finally, you’ll learn how to deal with a difficult individual in a conflict situation.


The Many Approaches to Conflict

  • recognize conflict styles used most often in the workplace
  • adapt your style as needed in response to other conflict styles you encounter
  • choose the most appropriate conflict style for a particular situation
  • follow guidelines for dealing with a difficult person in a conflict situation
  • use conflict styles effectively





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