Adding Graphics to Presentations in PowerPoint 2007

End User

Knowledge of basic word processing and computing; familiarity with the Microsoft Windows and Office environments

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is a useful authoring application tool for creating dynamic slide show presentations. This course demonstrates how to create visually appealing presentations using PowerPoint’s design templates and implementing new Microsoft Office 2007 themes. The course also explores the introduction of SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007, a feature that allows you to add some glamour to your presentations by using colors and shapes to emphasize text and data. Also covered are the various ways of incorporating diagrams, tables, and charts to enhance your presentations’ appeal.


Themes, Objects, and SmartArt in Presentations

  • apply a theme to a presentation in PowerPoint 2007
  • customize a theme in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation
  • insert objects in PowerPoint presentations
  • modify the appearance of PowerPoint slides using SmartArt graphics
  • apply a theme to a PowerPoint presentation
  • add an object to a slide in PowerPoint
  • add a SmartArt graphic to a PowerPoint slide
  • modify a SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint

Working with Charts and Tables in PowerPoint 2007

  • add a chart or a table in PowerPoint
  • modify the data in an embedded chart
  • change the appearance of a PowerPoint chart
  • modify the appearance of a PowerPoint table
  • insert a chart in a PowerPoint slide
  • change how a chart looks in PowerPoint
  • modify the data in a PowerPoint chart





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