Adding Professional Features to an ASP.NET User Interface

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To be able to create a user interface that incorporates user assistance features, accessiblity functionality, and advanced validation features

Target Audience

Web developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft ASP.NET and who wish to broaden their ASP.NET programming abilities, especially those pursuing MCAD or MCSD .NET certification


Experience developing web applications with ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic .NET

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Adding Professional Features to an ASP.NET User Interface

  • implement user assistance through tooltips and pop-up web page help.
  • create and use compiled help files for an ASP.NET application.
  • implement a tooltip, generate a contents file automatically, create a related topics link, compile a project, and link a help file to a web form.
  • identify the reasons and guidelines for implementing accessibility features in web applications.
  • create an accessible application in ASP.NET by providing text and script alternatives, implementing keyboard navigation alternatives, and allowing users to control style.
  • implement accessible navigation, provide accessible alternatives for an image and a script, and test the accessibility of your application.
  • implement custom validation in ASP.NET web forms.
  • use custom validation by adding the relevant control, setting up client and server-side validation, and implementing the validation rule.