Adding Tables of Contents, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, and Bookmarks in Word 2010

Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy and some experience using Microsoft Word

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Word 2010 offers you a variety of tools that allow you to insert navigation and reference materials into a document. With heading styles applied to your document, you can easily construct a table of contents; you can also insert footnotes and endnotes, and you can quickly link to web pages, shared files, or other sections of a document using bookmarks. This course explores all of these topics, and discusses how to use each feature to improve the readability of your documents.


Creating Tables of Contents, Footnotes, and Links

  • create a custom table of contents in Word 2010
  • update a table of contents
  • add footnotes and endnotes to a document
  • customize footnotes and endnotes in a document
  • create a hyperlink in a Word document
  • create a bookmark in a Word document
  • create and update a table of contents
  • customize footnotes and endnotes
  • create a hyperlink and a bookmark





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