Additional FireSIGHT, FirePOWER, Access Control, and Discovery

IT professionals including managers, engineers, and developers evaluating or implementing network and application security using new Cisco technology, as well as CCNP security certification candidates.


Expected Duration
55 minutes

Cisco is presently driving customers to the Firepower services. Although customers have made investments in Cisco IPS, and Cisco continues to invest in and update Cisco IPS, the long-term direction is definitely Firepower services. This course is one in a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives of the Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions (SITCS) 1.5 exam, 300-210.


File-Type and Network Malware Detection

  • start the course
  • define network-based malware detection
  • describe network-based malware detection
  • specify file dispositions
  • classify important network-based malware detection concepts
  • define retrospective events
  • recognize Cisco FireSIGHT file-type and malware detection architectures
  • describe file disposition caching
  • work with file lists
  • create file policy

SSL Traffic with Cisco FireSIGHT

  • define SSL traffic management
  • describe SSL inspection architecture
  • work with Cisco FireSIGHT SSL inspection
  • apply SSL policy

IPS Policy and Configuration Concepts

  • work with IPS policy
  • specify policy layering model
  • describe rule management
  • recognize Cisco FireSIGHT rule recommendations
  • apply IPS policy layering

Practice: Detect Malware, SSL & IPS Policy

  • define Malware Detection, SSL, and IPS





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