Administrative Professionals: Common Administrative Support Tasks

Employees in administrative support positions, as well as individuals who want to refresh their administrative skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

When it comes to a typical day at the office for an administrative professional, each day’s planned agenda can change on a whim. Whether it be unexpected meeting requests to juggle, a last-minute announcement the boss needs to communicate, or a sudden request from the boss that shifts priorities, the tasks performed in a typical day are varied and ever-changing. But regardless of how much the agenda changes from day to day, there are standard tasks that every administrative professional will perform regularly.
This course describes common administrative support tasks. Specifically, it covers the stages of the records management life cycle and details the different types of classification systems used for sorting records. The course also discusses the key tasks involved in arranging business travel, including considerations for international travel. Finally, the course describes the steps for planning and scheduling meetings, as well as the key techniques for recording meetings.


Common Administrative Support Tasks

  • use the alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric classification systems to sort given records
  • recognize how to plan a business trip
  • identify the main considerations for international travel
  • recognize how to plan and schedule meetings
  • identify steps to take when recording meetings





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