Administrative Professionals: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Employees in administrative support positions, as well as individuals who want to refresh their administrative skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

As an administrative professional, there are many skills and competencies you must master, ranging from organizational skills to technical aptitude. In order to be truly successful, though, you must also master other essential skills like the ability to gain the trust, respect, and admiration of your boss and colleagues. You must also remain true to yourself and maintain your dignity, all while expressing yourself to others, making decisions at work, or navigating through office politics.
This course introduces some best practices for making a good impression as an administrative professional. Specifically, you’ll learn how to project a positive professional image by building credibility and maintaining authenticity. You’ll also explore the importance of communicating honestly, respecting others, and having a positive outlook in order to create a positive work environment. Finally, you’ll learn how to practice positive office politics to enable you to put your best foot forward as you make your mark in the organization.


Making a Good Impression

  • recognize how to build credibility and maintain authenticity to project a positive, professional image
  • take actions to counteract a negative work environment
  • recognize examples of tactics that reflect the guidelines for practicing positive office politics





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