Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills

Employees in administrative support positions, as well as individuals who want to refresh their administrative skills or who seek a job in administrative support


Expected Duration
26 minutes

As an administrative support professional, every task you complete successfully leaves a positive impression of not only yourself but of your manager – and often, of an entire team or department. The ability to support your manager and team effectively and professionally is essential to both your own and your manager’s success. After taking this course, you’ll be able to master standard administrative support skills that every administrative professional needs to perform on a regular basis. You’ll learn about the classification systems used for sorting records, key tasks involved in arranging business travel — including considerations for international travel, and the steps for planning and scheduling meetings, as well as the key techniques for recording meetings.


Administrative Support: Essential Skills

  • sequence records in alphabetical order
  • sequence records in numeric order
  • identify requirements of effectively planning a business trip
  • recognize the main considerations for planning international travel
  • sequence the steps in planning and scheduling meetings
  • select the steps in recording business meetings





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