Administrative Support: Working in Partnership with Your Boss

Employees in administrative support positions, as well as individuals who want to refresh their administrative skills or who seek a job in administrative support


Expected Duration
18 minutes

As an administrative professional, you provide invaluable support to your boss and the business. This support is optimized when the working relationship between you and your boss is a true partnership. Within this partnership, your relationship must be managed and maintained according to the particular management style of your boss in order to ensure compatibility, dependability, and efficiency as you work toward common goals. Through partnership, you can maximize your relationship with your boss and realize benefits for yourself, as well as for your career. This course explores ways you can build a partnership with your boss. Specifically, it will teach you how to establish and maintain the elements of a true partnership, and shows how you can benefit personally from it. The course also covers approaches for you to deal effectively with different management styles, and techniques you can use to successfully handle confrontations that may occur over the course of your partnership with your boss.


Working in Partnership with Your Boss

  • recognize the key elements for building and maintaining a positive partnership with your boss
  • distinguish between different management styles
  • select ways of dealing with controllers and open managers
  • identify methods of responding to bureaucratic and entrepreneurial managers
  • select techniques to successfully avoid or deal with a confrontation with your boss





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