Adobe Acrobat 9: Fundamentals

The target audience is expected to be a range of individuals with a requirement to write, or convert written content, for distribution over the Web. Students can be expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment.


Expected Duration
120 minutes

Adobe Acrobat is recognized as the industry leader in Portable Document Format (PDF) file creation and manipulation. This course explores the basics of Adobe Acrobat 9, including methods of viewing, editing, and navigating PDF files. It also explains methods of creating PDF files from Microsoft Office documents and other file formats. In addition, the course describes PDF reviews.


Getting to Know Adobe Acrobat 9

  • customize the Acrobat workspace
  • create PDF files using Acrobat 9
  • capture a PDF from a web site
  • convert a Microsoft Office document to a PDF
  • Using Adobe Acrobat 9

  • create bookmarks in Acrobat 9
  • edit thumbnails in Acrobat 9
  • create hotspots and hyperlinks in Acrobat 9
  • organize pages
  • create a form in Acrobat




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