Adobe Air 3 for Flash CS5.5 Developers

The target audience is expected to be existing Adobe Flash developers who want to deploy applications directly to the desktop outside of browsers. Proficiency with web and desktop application development concepts, as well as Flash skills, is assumed.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Adobe AIR is an application deployment extension used to make applications traditionally destined for the web available as browserless applications. This course explores the basics of AIR deployment for Flash developers including topics on creating AIR files, creating AIR application and installer files, customizing AIR application publish settings within Flash CS5.5, and previewing and debugging AIR files. The course also covers using digital signatures to secure AIR applications, and customizing descriptor files.


Working with Adobe AIR Applications

  • create an AIR file
  • configure publishing settings for an AIR file
  • recognize how to create a digital signature for an AIR application
  • customize an AIR Application descriptor file
  • preview an AIR application
  • test an AIR application in a given scenario
  • create an AIR application file in a given scenario
  • configure settings and descriptor file for an AIR application in a given scenario
  • preview and test the application





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