Adobe ColdFusion 10 Fundamentals

Anyone starting out making web sites and web applications with Adobe ColdFusion

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
59 minutes

Adobe ColdFusion is a web application platform designed to facilitate quick and easy creation of database-driven web sites and web applications. This course shows you how to get started with Adobe ColdFusion, and how to work with variables. The course goes on to show how to create a data source and queries for that source, and how to work with the output. Finally, the course shows how to work with forms and include files.


Getting Started

  • start the course
  • make changes to security settings for easier access to a development machine using ColdFusion Administrator
  • create and configure a new project from the Builder Navigator panel
  • build a template in ColdFusion using basic HTML tags

Working with Variables

  • enter and display variables using the cfset and cfoutput tags
  • create and use URLs in a ColdFusion template to share data from a list to a detail page
  • use a url variable in a database query to filter the results and return different results based on the value passed in the url

Querying a Database

  • create a DSN which will be used as a reference to a data source
  • use a tag to initialize a query using ColdFusion
  • move ul tags outside of cfoutput tags to provide neater query results
  • change the way you display query results by adding HTML tags to a ColdFusion template to generate a table
  • configure ColdFusion to display query results
  • add wildcards and add the upper function in ColdFusion

Working with Forms

  • use the ColdFusion form scope to create a page to display a user’s search
  • create a form in HTML for use within a ColdFusion project

Working with Include Files

  • use include files in ColdFusion for navigation purposes
  • update your navigation globally in ColdFusion





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