Adobe Edge Animate CC: Creating and Animating Artwork

End users at all levels of an enterprise, especially designers and web developers, seeking to attain proficiency in Adobe Edge Animate CC to deliver quality compositions to the browser and various devices.


Expected Duration
63 minutes

Setting and customizing stage elements is a vital skill in order to produce animations productively in Edge Animate. This course focuses on controlling elements on the stage, modifying properties, and drawing using the Transform tool. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Adobe Edge Animate CC.


Elements on the Stage

  • start the course
  • manipulate stage width and height properties in Edge Animate
  • select a background color using the color picker swatch in Edge Animate and edit the stage zoom options
  • apply gradients to the stage background and rotate them by manipulating CSS properties in Edge Animate
  • work with the Min W and Max W width options as a percentage or pixels in Edge Animate
  • use the Overflow menu to hide elements and scroll options in Edge Animate
  • use Autoplay and JavaScript triggers to run an animation in Edge Animate
  • Edge Animate Drawing Tools

  • create a rectangle and configure its properties in Edge Animate
  • select, cut, copy, and paste created or imported objects in Edge Animate
  • describe the color models in Edge Animate
  • use the transform properties and tool in Edge Animate
  • use the clipping animation effect to expose or cover an onscreen element
  • Relationship between Elements

  • use the Smart Guides, Unlock or Lock Guides, and the ruler to set elements on the stage in Edge Animate
  • set the Arrange, Alignment, and Distribute Element properties in Edge Animate
  • Practice: Working with Stage Elements

  • add elements to the stage and manipulate them in Edge Animate




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