Adobe Edge Animate CC: Importing Artwork, Text Animation and Typeface Properties

End users at all levels of an enterprise, especially designers and web developers, seeking to attain proficiency in Adobe Edge Animate CC to deliver quality compositions to the browser and various devices.


Expected Duration
62 minutes

Recognizing file formats when importing artwork requires basic understanding. More advanced customizations such as importing artwork, font properties, and HTML tags are also included in this course. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Adobe Edge Animate CC.


Importing Artwork

  • start the course
  • recognize the file formats and types used in Edge Animate
  • import graphic files into Edge Animate
  • create a slideshow and hide elements using Edge Animate
  • Formatting and Working with Text

  • use the Text subpanel to change text-specific properties and audience web-specific fonts in Edge Animate
  • locate host web fonts and add them to a collection in Edge Animate
  • create a positioning template and use the template as a drop shadow effect in Edge Animate
  • use the properties of text, such as the transform property to change the motion of text on the stage
  • describe available HTML tags in Edge Animate
  • Practice: Transition, Symbol, and Typeface

  • create a transition and a symbol in Edge Animate




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