Adobe Edge Animate CC: Interactive Compositions

End users at all levels of an enterprise, especially designers and web developers, seeking to attain proficiency in Adobe Edge Animate CC to deliver quality compositions to the browser and various devices.


Expected Duration
76 minutes

The World Wide Web is interactive, which allows the use of special features in Edge Animate to develop animation easily for publishing. Edge Animate converts projects into JavaScript code automatically but some customization is necessary for more complex actions. This course covers interactivity within Adobe Edge Animate CC and introduces terminology surrounding triggers, events, and actions, with an emphasis on learning about code structure in JavaScript. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Adobe Edge Animate CC.


Creating an Interactive Composition

  • start the course
  • identify three main steps when creating interactivity in Edge Animate
  • recognize JavaScript project dependency in Edge Animate
  • recognize how jQuery is used to provide control within layers in Edge Animate
  • use triggers, events, and actions in Edge Animate
  • set an automatic triggered action on the timeline and stage in Edge Animate
  • recognize that labels and triggers work together in Edge Animate
  • create a loop and edit, move, and delete triggers in Edge Animate
  • add code to move the playhead to different elements on the timeline and manipulate elements using mouse cursor interactions in Edge Animate
  • Syntax, Events, and Actions

  • recognize the code structure in JavaScript
  • add thumbnails to the stage in Edge Animate
  • use the timeline to insert actions and events in Edge Animate
  • add buttons and use triggers and actions in Edge Animate to give the user control when playing the animation in a browser
  • recognize the triggers in Edge Animate to develop projects for iPhones and Android devices
  • create callouts for objects and add triggers and actions in Edge Animate
  • preview and test triggers and actions created in Edge Animate
  • Practice: Creating Interactive Compositions

  • create an interactive composition in Edge Animate




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