Adobe Edge Animate CC: Publishing Compositions

End users at all levels of an enterprise, especially designers and web developers, seeking to attain proficiency in Adobe Edge Animate CC to deliver quality compositions to the browser and various devices.


Expected Duration
45 minutes

Compositions are designed in Adobe Edge Animate but the final product requires viewing in a web browser. With a multitude of browsers and devices in use today, it’s not possible to be fully in control of a user’s viewing experience. This course covers how to control the output of a composition so that the output satisfies end-user viewing. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Adobe Edge Animate CC.


Publishing Compositions

  • start the course
  • import an image as the stage background in Edge Animate
  • set background image and the stage to take full advantage of the browser dimensions in Edge Animate
  • create graphics in Edge Animate that automatically resize within different browser windows
  • set minimum and maximum widths for elements to eliminate poor stretching and scrunching of elements in Edge Animate
  • slice larger images into small parts and handle the parts as symbols in Edge Animate

Responsive Design Techniques

  • set the property of the width and height units in Edge Animate
  • apply view and position settings to scale the position of various elements on the stage in Edge Animate

Creating a Preloader Graphic

  • recognize the importance of a preloader graphic in Edge Animate
  • insert and position a preloader clipart onto the stage in Edge Animate
  • create a down-level stage in Edge Animate to accommodate browsers that have difficulty viewing animated pages

Publish Settings

  • recognize how the publish folder works in Edge Animate
  • publish a composition as a web page using the relevant publishing settings in Edge Animate

Practice: Using Responsive Publishing

  • set the publishing properties and publish a composition in Edge Animate





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