Adobe Edge Animate CC: Working with Video and Audio

End users at all levels of an enterprise, especially designers and web developers, seeking to attain proficiency in Adobe Edge Animate CC to deliver quality compositions to the browser and various devices.


Expected Duration
65 minutes

HTML5 video provides a completely different way of creating web video. No longer requiring plug-ins in order to play audio or video is a benefit of using Edge Animate. This course looks at how to satisfy multiple browsers when using HTML5 and the different media types that are required for web video and audio. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Adobe Edge Animate CC.


Working with Video

  • start the course
  • differentiate between codecs and change media extensions in Edge Animate
  • use HTML5 video in Edge Animate
  • define and use the HTML video tag in Edge Animate
  • import assets to create a custom video player in Edge Animate
  • Working with Sound

  • recognize the audio file types Edge Animate accepts for import
  • configure audio for playback on multiple devices in Edge Animate
  • access the Actions editor to edit a trigger for audio in Edge Animate
  • recognize the syntax structure of audio playback within the code window as well as identify event, method, object, and actions of HTML audio elements, and properties after publishing
  • create HTML audio elements, methods, properties, and events within Edge Animate
  • identify audio attributes available in Edge Animate
  • add audio from the Library panel and set playback properties in Edge Animate
  • add the autoplay attribute to initiate playback on click in Edge Animate
  • Practice: Working with Video and Audio

  • configure HTML5 video in Edge Animate




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