Adobe InDesign CC Essentials

Individuals interested in learning how to perform basic tasks in Adobe InDesign CC.


Expected Duration
59 minutes

This course introduces learners to basic tools and features to get started in Adobe InDesign CC, including the toolbars and tabs, navigating and configuring workspaces, and creating new documents. This course also covers techniques for working with text and page formatting, such as creating, placing, and linking text frames, modifying paragraph settings, working with pages, and using rulers and guides. Finally, this course covers how to import and export files, working with links, and creating PDF files in Adobe InDesign CC.


Getting Started

  • start the course
  • familiarize yourself with the toolbars and tabs in Adobe InDesign CC
  • familiarize yourself with the workspace and understand how to navigate around documents in Adobe InDesign CC
  • configure and use workspaces in Adobe InDesign CC
  • create new documents in Adobe InDesign CC
  • Working with Text and Page Formatting

  • create text frames to place text in Adobe InDesign CC
  • bring large text documents into the application in Adobe InDesign CC
  • modify paragraph styles as per your preferences in Adobe InDesign CC
  • create documents that range from a single page to many pages in Adobe InDesign CC
  • customize the margins and gutters in Adobe InDesign CC
  • Importing and Exporting Files

  • open, place, and export files in Adobe InDesign CC
  • work with links in Adobe InDesign CC
  • create PDF files in Adobe InDesign CC




    Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.