Adobe Reader X

The target audience is expected to be a broad range of end users with basic computer and web browsing knowledge.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Adobe Reader X, or Reader for short, is a free downloadable tool required to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files that are typically created using Adobe Acrobat. Reader is compatible with multiple operating system environments as well as being available as a freeware plug-in, making it the primary tool used to view PDF files. This learning path explores the basic features of Reader including opening, viewing, and managing PDFs, filling in PDF forms, and searching PDF files.


Using Adobe Reader X

  • recognize the uses of Adobe Reader X
  • use the functions and features of the Adobe Reader X work area
  • perform a basic search in Adobe Reader X
  • perform an advanced search in Adobe Reader X
  • use basic annotation tools in Adobe Reader X
  • fill in a form using Adobe Reader X
  • recognize how forms are used in Adobe Reader X
  • set preferences in Adobe Reader
  • set accessibility options in Adobe Reader X
  • open a document and set up the work area in Adobe Reader X
  • search a document
  • complete a form in Adobe Reader





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.