Advanced ASP.NET Topics

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To demonstrate how to migrate ASP to ASP.NET, leverage legacy compenents, create and use .NET components, and install and configure ASP.NET servers

Target Audience

Web developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of Microsoft ASP.NET and who wish to broaden their ASP.NET programming abilities, especially those pursuing MCAD or MCSD .NET certification


Experience developing web applications with ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic .NET

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Advanced ASP.NET Topics

  • determine the most suitable migration strategy in a given scenario, and identify the structural and coding changes that may be necessary for migrating ASP to ASP.NET.
  • identify and rewrite elements of ASP code that are incompatible with ASP.NET.
  • incorporate ActiveX legacy components in ASP.NET applications.
  • use Runtime Callable Wrappers (RCWs) and the Server.CreateObject method to integrate COM and COM+ components in an ASP.NET application.
  • use the Platform Invoke feature to call native functions within ASP.NET.
  • incorporate an ActiveX and COM component into an application, as well as call a native function.
  • create, integrate, and use .NET components.
  • create a new .NET component project and component file, add the component to a web form, and call a method from it.
  • install ASP.NET on IIS and configure an application with the Microsoft Management Console.
  • determine which session data-handling method is appropriate in a given scenario, and use the Session State Service and Microsoft SQL Server to store session data.
  • install an ASP.NET server, configure an existing web application, and use Session State service.