Advanced Data Management in Excel 2007

End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2007 at an advanced level or seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Microsoft Excel 2007 at Expert level or an equivalent.

Some knowledge of basic word processing, computing, and spreadsheets; familiarity with the Microsoft Office work environment; an understanding of the Internet and web-page functionality

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Excel 2007 provides multiple features for organizing and managing data, so you can ensure data is entered correctly and that calculations and formulas are valid. Data organization features enable you to sort, filter, and group and outline data so that you can focus on the key parts of your data. Validation features ensure that data is correct, that it is entered in the proper format, and that formulas are working correctly, all of which are incredibly important for maintaining accurate records. This course explores organizing and subtotaling data in Excel 2007 using the available features. It also covers data validation, including error messages, invalid data prevention, formula auditing, error checking, and the Watch window.


Organizing Data in Excel 2007

  • sort data
  • filter data in a range or table
  • group and outline data
  • insert subtotals in a worksheet
  • display different levels of data using outlines
  • outline data
  • filter and sort data
  • apply subtotals to data
  • organize worksheet data to facilitate data analysis

Validating Data and Auditing Formulas

  • specify the data that is allowed in a particular range
  • recognize which error alert to use in given examples
  • locate and correct formula errors
  • use the Watch Window to audit formulas
  • locate and correct formula errors
  • add data validation to prevent the errors from recurring





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