Advanced Features of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5

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HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript provide a variety of advanced features for creating highly interactive and responsive web pages. In this course you will learn how to utilize JavaScript to create timers and marquees, implement drag and drop in HTML5, access and validate form data, and manipulate forms with CSS3. You will also learn how to handle events and include meters and progress indicators in an HTML5 page.

Target Audience

Web developers who need to use the most powerful features of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create responsive and interactive web pages



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Displaying Time with JavaScript in HTML5

  • use JavaScript to create an HTML5 document that will display the time


Creating a Countdown Timer in an HTML5 Document

  • create a Countdown timer in JavaScript that will display in an HTML5 document


How to Use JavaScript Timers in an HTML5 Document

  • use JavaScript timers to delay an action from occurring in an HTML5 document


Creating a Scrolling Marquee in HTML5

  • create a scrolling marquee on an HTML5 document


Confirming User Input Using Confirm in HTML5

  • use confirm to get confirmation from a user before executing an action in HTML5


Capturing User Input from a Prompt in HTML5

  • describe how user input can be captured from a prompt


Using Drag and Drop in HTML5

  • describe how drag and drop can be used in an HTML5 document


Accessing Form Data

  • access form data


Validating Form Data

  • validate form data


Adding HTML Elements to a Web Page

  • add HTML elements to a web page


Modifying Form Elements

  • modify form elements


Modifying HTML5 Form Inputs Using CSS3

  • use CSS3 to modify the form inputs of an HTML5 document


Styling HTML5 Submit Buttons Using CSS3

  • use CSS3 to add style to an HTML5 submit button


Inserting Images in HTML5 Form Fields Using CSS3

  • describe how to insert images into an HTML5 form field using CSS3


Changing the Style of an HTML5 Form Using CSS3

  • use CSS3 to change the style of an HTML5 form


Using HTML5 Event Properties

  • describe event properties and why they are used in HTML5


Using the Browser Event Model in an HTML5 Document

  • describe the basics of the browser event model in HTML5


Using an Event Object in HTML5

  • use an event object in an HTML5 document


Creating Second Generation Listeners in HTML5

  • create a second generation, or programmatically created, listener in HTML5


Using the Meter Tag in an HTML5 Document

  • use the meter tag in an HTML5 document


Using the Progress Tag in an HTML5 Document

  • use the progress tag in an HTML5 document


Customizing Progress Bars in HTML5 Using CSS3

  • apply CSS3 styles to a progress bar to customize it in an HTML5 document


Exercise: Working with Form Validation and Feedback





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