Advanced Features of Selenium Automated Web Testing

Programmers and testers who want to use Selenium automated web testing to test web applications


Expected Duration
83 minutes

Selenium is a set of tools that can be used to automate browsers. In this course, you’ll explore how to use the features of Selenium automated web testing to test page elements and functions. You’ll also cover how to plan and design for optimized testing and how to extend those tests using features such as the Selenium Grid.


JavaScript, Ajax and Cookies

  • start the course
  • tweak Selenium tests with JavaScript
  • manage Ajax calls in Selenium tests
  • test visibility in the Selenium IDE
  • work with cookies in Selenium tests

Extending and Managing Tests

  • use deeper Selenium IDE testing with assertEval
  • listen for Selenium events
  • extract source code from the Selenium IDE
  • run Selenium tests in multiple browsers
  • use Selenium Grid to manage multiple tests

Planning and Executing Optimized Tests

  • plan Selenium tests
  • design testable sites
  • apply design tips for Selenium test suites
  • work with an extended sample test case in the Selenium IDE

Exercise: Work with an Extended Test Case

  • implement and manage an extended test case





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