Advanced Importing and Exporting with Access 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft Office Access 2010 offers several advanced options for importing and exporting data. With Access 2010 you can link to, or import data and objects from external sources, such as other Access databases, SQL Server databases, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word files, and XML files. You can also export data and objects from an Access 2010 database to a variety of external sources. This course explains and demonstrates the various methods of importing, exporting, and linking to external data sources in Access 2010.


Importing and Exporting External Data

  • import data from one Access database into another Access database
  • import data from SQL Server into an Access database
  • link an Access database to data in SQL Server
  • export data from an Access database to a Word document
  • export data from an Access database to an Excel spreadsheet
  • export data from an Access database to an XML document
  • collect data by using e-mail messages
  • import Outlook 2010 contacts to a new Access 2010 table
  • import data in Access
  • export data from Access to other applications
  • use e-mail messages to collect data in Access
  • import an Outlook 2010 folder to a new Access 2010 table





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