Advanced Python

Developers with some programming experience coming from another language to Python, or existing Python developers looking to up-skill.


Expected Duration
89 minutes

This course covers advanced Python 3.x concepts including exception handling, decorators, sequences, lambda functions, and generators.


Exception Handling

  • start the course
  • use exceptions in Python
  • implement exceptions in Python
  • extend exceptions in Python
  • raise exceptions in Python
  • implement exception raising in Python
  • handle multiple exceptions in Python
  • implement multiple exceptions in Python
  • handle generic exceptions in Python
  • ignore exceptions in Python
  • use the finally block in Python

Decorators, Lambda Functions and Sequences

  • use decorators in Python
  • implement decorators in Python
  • implement lambda functions in Python
  • pass multiple arguments using lambda functions in Python
  • implement operators and keywords for sequences in Python
  • implement itemgetter in Python

Working with Generators

  • implement generator expressions in Python
  • use enumeration in Python
  • use the eval function in Python
  • use the iter function in Python
  • use nested sequences in Python
  • implement generator functions in Python
  • use generators with classes in Python
  • implement a generator class in Python

Practice: Advanced Python

  • implement advanced features of Python





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