Advanced Rails

Programmers looking to expand their skill set in the Rails environment.


Expected Duration
152 minutes

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework that’s optimized for programmers. Rails provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. In this course, you will learn some of the more advanced features in Rails such as the Action Mailer and how to perform testing and debugging.


Asynchronous Web Services

  • start the course
  • use Sidekiq to create an ActiveJob
  • use Sidekiq to handle queue management of ActiveJobs
  • add exception handling on queues

Action Mailer

  • create and configure a mailer
  • use mailer views and templates
  • implement the mail call in controller
  • customize the mailer


  • use different tools to debug Rails applications


  • configure RSpec
  • run tests
  • use Factory Girl
  • unit test models
  • use RSpec mocking and stubbing facilities
  • test validations
  • use matchers to work with classes that implement module Enumerable
  • write functional controller tests
  • test views
  • test helpers
  • test integrations
  • use shared_examples
  • write tests for active jobs
  • test mailers
  • use VCR to record HTTP integrations
  • use guard to automatically run tests
  • generate performance tests

Practice: Testing

  • create tests for a user model





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