Advanced Reporting and Management Tools in Project 2010

Individuals familiar with basic project concepts who wish to use Microsoft Project 2010 at an advanced level

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Project 2010 comes with many enhanced features and tools that help project managers report on project status and carry out project management tasks with ease and efficiency. This course covers several of the advanced tools you will use to communicate project status and streamline your tasks, such as the visual reports, enhanced copy and paste, and the Compare Projects feature, which allows you to compare project files and produce an informative comparison report. This course also covers the procedure for recording macros, which will allow you to save time on repetitive tasks.


Tools for Effective Project Management

  • create a visual report using Project 2010
  • edit an existing Visual Reports template
  • copy and paste data between Project 2010 and another Microsoft Office application
  • create a comparison report using the Compare Projects feature
  • create a macro using Project 2010
  • recognize how to edit a macro in Visual Basic
  • record a macro for the steps involved in creating a visual report





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