Advanced Ruby Features

Programmers with knowledge of Ruby who want to learn how to implement advanced Ruby features


Expected Duration
90 minutes

Ruby contains a number of features for advanced data management including advanced arrays, regular expressions, accessors, and virtual attributes. In this course, you’ll learn about the use of these features. You’ll also learn about overloading and overriding methods, and adding methods to classes and objects. You’ll explore features such as open classes, ducktyping, and class hooks, as well as immutability and marshaling. Finally, you’ll learn about networking in Ruby, as well using GetOptLong, and idiomatic Ruby.


Working with Data

  • start the course
  • use higher math in Ruby
  • use random numbers in Ruby
  • use advanced arrays in Ruby
  • use regular expressions in Ruby
  • use accessors and virtual attributes in Ruby

Working with Methods

  • use override methods in Ruby
  • use overload methods in Ruby

Open Classes and Ducktyping

  • add methods to a Ruby class
  • use ducktyping in Ruby

Object Equality, Immutability and Serialization

  • check for object equality in Ruby
  • implement immutability in Ruby objects
  • implement marshaling or serialization in Ruby

Ruby: Networking

  • implement networking functionality with Ruby

Working with Ruby

  • use GetOptLong in Ruby
  • use idiomatic Ruby

Practice: Working with Advanced Ruby Features

  • practice using Ruby’s advanced features





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