Advanced Table Customization in Word 2016

End users at all levels, including those who have little or no familiarity with Microsoft Word and more experienced Word users who want to learn about new features in Word 2016.


Expected Duration
44 minutes

Microsoft Word 2016 makes it easy to integrate tables in documents and to modify them in various ways. In this course, you’ll learn how to modify a table and perform both basic and advanced sort operations, manage a table that spans multiple pages of a document, use formulas in a table, convert text to a table and vice versa, and position tables within other page elements in Word 2016. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers Microsoft Word 2016 for intermediate-level users.


Modifying a Table

  • start the course
  • set row and column sizes and copy or move rows and columns in tables in Word 2016
  • change cell spacing in tables and adjust table cell margins in Word 2016
  • use table AutoFit options to resize table rows or columns automatically in Word 2016
  • perform basic and more advanced sorting of tables in Word 2016

Managing a Table That Spans Multiple Pages

  • set a table header row to repeat on each page of a document in Word 2016
  • break table rows across pages in a Word 2016 document
  • split a table that spans more than one page in Word 2016

Using Formulas in Tables

  • use formulas to calculate values in tables in Word 2016
  • apply number formatting to formulas and paste formulas in tables in Word 2016

Converting and Integrating Tables

  • convert existing text to a table or convert a table to text in Word 2016
  • position tables within other elements on a page in Word 2016

Practice: Customizing Tables

  • convert text to a table, use a formula to perform a calculation, and perform a basic table sort in Word 2016





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