Advanced Windows Store Apps with C# in Visual Studio 2013: Security & Optimizing

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Security is an important aspect of any app that handles sensitive data. In this course, you’ll learn how to implement encryption functionality in your Windows Store apps. You can also increase the efficiency and functionality of your Windows Store app with features such as background tasks. You’ll also learn how to implement background tasks, asynchronous features, and WinMD components to optimize and extend your apps. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft Exam 70-485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#. This exam is a requirement for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Windows Store Apps certification.

Target Audience

C# Developers with basic knowledge of Windows Store app development who want to learn how to configure a Windows Store app to use encryption, background tasks, asynchronous features, and WinMD components; individuals preparing for the exam 70-485 Advanced Windows Store Apps Development Using C#



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Overview of Encryption

  • describe encryption and how symmetric encryption works in relation to apps such as Windows Store apps
  • Creating Hash Values

  • implement code to convert a string value to binary data, select a hash algorithm, and generate a hash value in a Windows Store app
  • Obtaining Symmetric Keys

  • use a hash value to generate a symmetric key in a Windows Store app
  • Implementing Symmetric Encryption

  • use symmetric encryption to encrypt data in a Windows Store app
  • Implementing Symmetric Decryption

  • use symmetric decryption to decrypt data in a Windows Store app
  • Overview of Certificates

  • describe certificates and their use in assymetric encryption, and signing and outlining an assymetric encryption scenario
  • Certificate Requests

  • use the CertificateEnrollmentManager class to generate a PKCS #10 certificate request in a Windows Store app
  • Installing a Certificate

  • use the submitCertandGetResp function in a Windows Store app to install a certificate obtained from an enrollment server
  • Asymmetric Key Pairs

  • code a Windows Store app to generate a key pair for assymetric encryption
  • Encryption with a Public Key

  • code a Windows Store app to export the public key of an assymetric key pair to a buffer, then import the key from the buffer
  • Exercise: Encrypt Data in Windows Store Apps

    Overview of Background Tasks

  • describe background tasks in Windows Store Apps
  • Creating a Background Task

  • create and register a background task in a Windows Store app
  • Basic Background File Transfer

  • implement background file transfer in a Windows Store app
  • Optimizing Background File Transfers

  • implement credentials, cost policy, suspend, resume, and restart for background file transfers and group transfers in a Windows Store app
  • Updating an App Tile with a Background Task

  • use a background task to implement a live tile notification
  • Lock Screen Access for Background Tasks

  • request lock screen access for a background task in a Windows Store app
  • Asynchronous Strategies

  • describe available task-based asynchronous strategy, including parallel programming, in Windows Store apps
  • Using Data Parallelism

  • implement data parallelism using the Task Parallel library in a Windows Store app
  • Using Task Parallelism

  • use Task Parallel library tasks for multi-processor utilization in Windows Store apps
  • Introducing WinMD Components

  • describe WinRT components and how they can be referenced
  • Creating a WinMD Component in C#

  • create a WinMD component in C# for integration with a Windows Store app
  • Consuming a WinMD Component

  • consume a WinMD component in a Windows Store app
  • Exercise: Background Transfers in Windows Store Apps





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